Darkness! It’s all black. Most people see it as nothing. Darkness; Absence of light. Absence of light makes you blind, but it does not nullify existence. So, I see darkness as ‘anything’… or ‘everything’. It’s all black, and its blissful. A canvas of the alternate world, not at all vacant, but still all the room in the world for my brush strokes. Just close your eyes and you get an infinite blackboard for your doodles.
“It’s already 10 a.m.!”, my mom shouts. I love my mom. I love her voice. I even love her shouting. But more than often, her voice speaks of rules. I don’t like rules. Why is it that when its 10 a.m., a person can’t sleep? It does not make sense. Laws… I can understand, but rules…. they just don’t make sense to me. Who made these rules? And whoever it be, who gave him jurisdictions to make them? Who’s to say that he was even capable of creating them? It’s just absurd.
“I’m in the middle of a doodle, Mom! Can’t I take a few more minutes? …… Probably not!”, I process and I conclude within my head. Wearily, I open my eyes. The beautiful and exciting darkness is replaced by the ever old and boring light. Uncertainty is replaced by obviousness. Mystery is replaced by consistency. Thoughts are replaced by objects. Freedom is replaced by range.
I sit up, rest my body over the wall and look around. Everything’s the same. One quick movement of head to see all the four corners of my room, and everything’s exactly the same as the night before. No elephants on unicycle, no disappearing cats with ear-rings, not a single flower blooming on the concrete floor, nothing. Exactly the same as before. It’s kind of disappointing. Senseless disappointment, as you might interpret. But disappointment has never needed sense to make its root on minds.
I sigh and I reach for the coffee mug that my mom put beside my bed a few minutes ago. I love her for that! Nothing beats disappointment like a good cup of coffee. I take a sip, and then another sip. I look at my disfigured bed sheets that I have to make in a while. Yet another rule. I like my disfigured bed better. I still don’t understand why it has to be made. I take another sip. Hmm… Has the coffee got better after the first two sips? I don’t know, but this feels better. My eyes are less sleepy and all my fingers move fine; I check and confirm. I take a long deep breath. I feel a breeze inside my head. Can’t figure out if I have an open mind, or its just empty. Either way, the feeling’s good.
With every another sip, I come to my senses. I become more aware of the objects and my thoughts stop materializing. I realize that the world that I’ve just been back from does not matter in this world just like this world didn’t matter in that. I accept it. And to think about it, this world is not that bad. These colors; they do add up to show off an amazing harmony. I do love harmony. And besides, at the end of the day, I will go back to the other world. I can have the best of both worlds.

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