I know that you’re scared
And I’m terrified too.
And I’m well aware
of all the verified truths.
The past has broken the both of us.
Its hard to hold on, its torturous.
I know you don’t have the courage,
but what if I do?

Its not trivial
But it might vivify you.
And if you’ll let me,
I’ll simplify it to you.
Its obvious, you’re oblivious, I can see.
And you hold back, you’re cautious, or just might be…
I know you don’t see the point,
but what if I do?

Its been too long
since you lived in the threshold.
Its not where you belong.
Its not what you’re made for.
Come out of that shell, and you can make me free
We can hold hands and build a house from debris
You think its not possible,
but what if I said so?