For far too long a time
I’ve thought I’d win the world.
For far too long a time
I’ve been building my fortress

My defence walls
I wore my cape
And carried all the weights
Built my strength
So i wouldn’t budge
When they come hit me

I’d get in my red and blue suit
And strike a pose
Because I needed to feel
Heroic, from inside.
I needed it.

A Kryptonian in Metropolis
Alien and invincible
Until you came along
My green rock of home
My Kryptonite

With one touch
You crumbled my walls
Weakened my bones
Shrunk me down
To the human in me

I feel weak
Threatened at times
Its new to me
I fall to my knees
I struggle and fight

And when I surrendered
the weights were gone
My tense muscles
Loosen up after years
Is this how home feels like?

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